The Art of Reflection – Beta Demo

The Art of Reflection is a clever perspective-based first person puzzle game where you use mirrors and a snap-zoom ability to traverse a surreal labyrinthine structure.

In The Art of Reflection your main ability is that you can zoom into areas you’re looking at and teleport directly to them. Teleportation isn’t anything new in video games, but when used in conjunction with the various mirrors … Read More

Hell Survivors – Open Beta

Hell Survivors is a Vampire Survivors style survival roguelite where you fight off massive waves for demons in Hell.

The core gameplay in Hell Survivors is pretty similar to Vampire Survivors – you attempt to last for 20 minutes against huge swarms of demons. As you progress you progress through upgrade trees, allowing you to create powerful builds. There are three heroes to choose from, … Read More

The Signal – Open Beta

The Signal is an open world Sci-Fi survival adventure where you’re tasked with scouting an uncharted alien planet where you get a feeling you’re being monitored by alien entities.

Playable in single-player and online co-op, in The Signal you are a climate refugee who has been sent to explore an alien planet that could offer a new beginning for humanity. You will catalogue the flora … Read More