Exilium – Beta Demo

Exilium is a creepy point and click puzzle adventure where a priest attempts to exorcise demons and stop occult rituals.

In Exilium you are an exorcist whose job is to keep the balance and prevent the world from falling to darkness. You will travel to different locations where you’ll need to gather useful items, set traps and perform rituals to exorcise demons from possessed people.… Read More

The Mermaid’s Tongue – Beta Demo

The Mermaid’s Tongue is a spooky point and click mystery adventure where you set out to discover who killed the captain of the world’s strangest submarine.

In The Mermaid’s Tongue you follow Detective Grimoire and his partner Sally, as they investigate a murder of the captain of a submarine. It’s no ordinary submarine and he was no ordinary captain – there were rumors that he … Read More

Europa – Beta Demo

Europa is a beautiful exploration adventure where an android explores a fallen utopia and discovers the story of the last living human.

In Europa you are an android named Zee, who has travelled to the moon of Europa in search of answers. The moon was terraformed by humanity, but the civilization of mankind has long since fallen and now it’s populated by wildlife and lush … Read More