The Signal – Open Beta

The Signal is an open world Sci-Fi survival adventure where you’re tasked with scouting an uncharted alien planet where you get a feeling you’re being monitored by alien entities.

Playable in single-player and online co-op, in The Signal you are a climate refugee who has been sent to explore an alien planet that could offer a new beginning for humanity. You will catalogue the flora and fauna, take note of geological landmarks, discover alien relics, learn about creatures’ behaviour, and build a base, vehicles and equipment. All the while the planet will also be observing you – you’re not the only intelligent life on the planet.

It’s an impressive looking game that seems to be more about exploration and discovery than blasting things with a gun (as in most survival games). Join in the Beta to see if the planet will tolerate your presence!

Join In The Signal Open Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)