The Mermaid’s Tongue – Beta Demo

The Mermaid’s Tongue is a spooky point and click mystery adventure where you set out to discover who killed the captain of the world’s strangest submarine.

In The Mermaid’s Tongue you follow Detective Grimoire and his partner Sally, as they investigate a murder of the captain of a submarine. It’s no ordinary submarine and he was no ordinary captain – there were rumors that he was an immortal time-traveller or a vampire. He was found dead in a locked room with an ancient stone cauldron. You’ll need to explore, search for clues and solve puzzles as you attempt to get to the bottom of what really went on.

It’s a fun murder mystery adventure with great voice acting, clever puzzle design and artwork that’s packed full of character. The detective duo are very likeable and there are lots of clues to discover along the way. A spooky submarine mystery well worth diving into.

Download The Mermaid’s Tongue Beta Demo Here (Steam)