The Art of Reflection – Beta Demo

The Art of Reflection is a clever perspective-based first person puzzle game where you use mirrors and a snap-zoom ability to traverse a surreal labyrinthine structure.

In The Art of Reflection your main ability is that you can zoom into areas you’re looking at and teleport directly to them. Teleportation isn’t anything new in video games, but when used in conjunction with the various mirrors in this game it gets a whole lot more interesting. You can use and reposition mirrors to allow you to access new areas, flip into mirror images of the world, and essentially flip gravity.

It’s an interesting concept that has some very creative puzzle design. The initial snap-zoom only areas are very simple, but once the mirrors are introduced it starts to get a lot more complex (and fun). A clever first person puzzler with a lot to reflect on!

Download The The Art of Reflection Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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