Tiny Glade – Beta Demo

Tiny Glade is a chilled out and wholesome little game where you doodle 3D castles in cozy forgotten meadows.

There are no real objectives in Tiny Glade – you simply mess around with the various building tools to create cozy little castles. The tools are very easy to use and allow for a very freeform and hassle-free approach to building. You can knock up a … Read More

Kickback – Beta Demo

Kickback is a biopunk roguelite top-down shooter where you can only move by using the recoil of your weapons.

In Kickback you pilot an organic combat vehicle that’s been heavily damaged so can now only move via the recoil of its own weaponry. You can equip different weapons to the left and right mouse button, each with different types of fire and recoil strengths. As … Read More

Mirthwood – Beta Demo

Mirthwood is a sandbox RPG life sim game set in an immersive mediaeval fantasy world where you can set out on adventures or just stay home and tend to your homestead.

In the enchanting open world of Mirthwood players have plenty of freedom to do what they like. Among other things, you can become a farmer, a trader, an artist or an adventurer. You’ll be … Read More

The Art of Reflection – Beta Demo

The Art of Reflection is a clever perspective-based first person puzzle game where you use mirrors and a snap-zoom ability to traverse a surreal labyrinthine structure.

In The Art of Reflection your main ability is that you can zoom into areas you’re looking at and teleport directly to them. Teleportation isn’t anything new in video games, but when used in conjunction with the various mirrors … Read More