No Stone Unturned – Alpha Demo

No Stone Unturned is a lighthearted murder mystery adventure where you attempt to discover why a murdered chicken crossed the road.

In No Stone Unturned you’re a grizzled detective who wakes up at the side of the road with a bout of amnesia. Nearby is also the corpse of a recently deceased chicken. Time to use your detective skills to figure out what’s going on!… Read More

KIBORG – Alpha Demo

KIBORG is an incredibly brutal third person roguelite beat ’em up set on a prison planet that’s been infected by alien nanobots.

In KIBORG you are the leader of a group of resistance fighters who are fighting back against alien nanobots that have infected a prison planet and effectively turned everyone there into a prisoner. Each mission you undertake in KIBORG will cost you a … Read More

Vengeance of Mr. Peppermint – Alpha Demo

Vengeance of Mr. Peppermint is a gloriously brutal 2D side-scrolling beat ‘em up inspired by Korean crime movies, such as Oldboy.

In Vengeance of Mr. Peppermint you are a hard-boiled (and rather unhinged) detective who was abducted as a child with his sister. He escaped but unfortunately his sister didn’t and now he’s on a quest for vengeance, no matter how many bodies he … Read More

Sonic 3000 – Open Alpha

Sonic 3000 is a ridiculously fast Sonic Advance inspired Sonic fan game where Sonic and pals hurtle through vast milti-route levels at breakneck speeds.

Playable in single-player or multiplayer, Sonic 3000 is an insanely fast Sonic game that you can play in your browser. It currently features 10 full levels and a selection of preview levels, and three playable characters (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles) and … Read More

Hymn to the Earless God – Kickstarter Demo

Hymn to the Earless God is a dark Sci-Fi fantasy RPG adventure set in a world inhabited by bloodthirsty insectoids.

Currently in development by the creator of Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass, Hymn to the Earless God is a dark Sci-Fi RPG adventure set in the alien world of Gloom. The game will have four very different stories told from four very different character’s … Read More