Sketchy Individuals – Game Jam Build

Sketchy Individuals is a fun little police sketch artist puzzle game where witnesses describe criminals to you then you draw them and attempt to pick them out of a line-up.

Created for Shawcat’s 100k game jam, Sketchy Individuals is a lighthearted little puzzle game that puts you in the role of a police sketch artist. For each case a witness comes in and you ask them to describe specific features (face shape, hair style, eye color, etc), then you select the possible parts from a list and sketch them down. Once you’ve finished with your sketch, you then go through to a line-up of five people and use your sketch to identify the criminal.

It’s a great concept and all of the different witnesses are a lot of fun. It would perhaps be even more entertaining if the game allowed you to actually draw the features yourself (it could lead to some hilariously bad sketches), but even as it stands it’s a blast using your witnesses’ patchy descriptions to try and sketch and catch the perpetrators. Highly recommended.

Play Sketchy Individuals Here (Browser)