Silkbulb Test – Alpha Demo

Silkbulb Test is a very tense analog horror game where you’re tasked with answering a series of tests presented to you on a slide projector.

Currently in development by Tom Oxton (creator of Future Racer 2000) Silkbulb Test is an unsettling little horror game where you’ve been enlisted to complete a mysterious test. The test takes place in a darkened room and sees you sitting at a desk with a red and a green button in front of you. You then need to press those buttons to answer the questions presented to you on the projector. They start off straightforward, but it’s not long until things get weird…

There are quite a few analog horror test games around at the moment, but Silkbulb Test is shaping up to be a cut above the rest. This is mainly due to the fact you’re physically sat at a desk in a room (rather than the VHS/computer interface most use) and some well orchestrated eerie moments. See if you can pass the Silkbulb Test!

Check Out a Silkbulb Test Gameplay Video Here

Download the Silkbulb Test Alpha Demo Here (Windows)