Nocturnals – Alpha Demo

Nocturnals is a touching and incredibly brutal TellTale Walking Dead style first person narrative driven adventure about survival and companionship in a post-apocalyptic rural town.

In Nocturnals you are a teenage boy called Ted, who is struggling to survive in the abandoned town of Ruddleside after alien monsters (called Nocturnals) have sent humanity into hiding. The full game will see you finding companionship (and perhaps more) with another solitary survivor called Diego, but the demo sees Ted making a quick stop to find some petro and running into trouble.

The main gameplay in Nocturnals is similar to the old TellTale games, with you exploring, solving puzzles and making decisions that meaningfully affect the story. The demo showcases the effect of these decisions well and there are several different QTE escape scenes with some entertaining brutal ways to die!

It’s a great take on the TellTale formula and the cartoony visuals combined with the first person gameplay makes for a very cool aesthetic. The demo takes around 10 minutes to play through, but it’s worth playing a couple of times to try out different choices and to see all those death scenes. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Nocturnals Gameplay Video Here

Download The Nocturnals Alpha Demo Here (Steam)