Ninza – Beta Demo

Ninza is an inventive and beautifully animated multiplayer fighting game where you don’t physically hit rivals yourself, instead you hit them with the blocks that make up the arena.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta sign up, Ninza is a fast paced platform fighter where the platforms are your weapons. There’s a selection of uniquely skilled fighters to choose from and you do battle in arenas made up of blocks that are constantly scrolling across the screen.

You can’t punch your rivals directly, but you can punch the blocks to send them hurtling across the screen towards them. There are different types of blocks with different physical properties and your goal is to use the blocks to squash your rivals or knock them out of the screen.

It’s a very unique and addictive take on the platform fighter genre that allows for some wonderfully chaotic battles and entertaining kills. It’s very easy to pick up and play and the hand animated artwork looks incredible. Highly Recommended.

Download The Ninza Beta Demo Here (Steam)