Mirthwood – Beta Demo

Mirthwood is a sandbox RPG life sim game set in an immersive mediaeval fantasy world where you can set out on adventures or just stay home and tend to your homestead.

In the enchanting open world of Mirthwood players have plenty of freedom to do what they like. Among other things, you can become a farmer, a trader, an artist or an adventurer. You’ll be able to manage your homestead, harvest crops, look after your animals, craft equipment, socialize with NPCs, trade and build a family. If you’re looking for adventure though, you can explore the surrounding world, visit new towns, complete quests, equip weapons and fight enemies in real-time combat.

It’s got a beautiful 2D art style and a rich open world that’s filled with possibilities and really allows you to immerse yourself in it. An enchanting adventure that really does allow you to weave your own story as you build a life in its world.

Download The Mirthwood Beta Demo Here (Steam)