Mechabellum – Open Beta

Mechabellum is a spectacular new auto-battle simulation game where you create and command mech armies in massive battles.

In Mechabellum you are placed in charge of a mech army that’s fighting for control of a newly colonized planet. The game is playable in single-player and multiplayer PvP, with battles taking place over a series of rounds.

At the start of each round you can purchase, place and upgrade your units, then you sit back and watch as the carnage unfolds on the battlefield. There are lots of differently skilled units to choose from and each one has four perks that you can upgrade them with, and you can also rank them up when they’ve gathered enough XP.

It’s a very addictive game, with a very satisfying loop of upgrading/placing your units and then watching them wreak havoc on the battlefield. An excellent bit of mech-based auto-battling.

Join In The Mechabellum Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)