Little Goody Two Shoes – Beta Demo

Little Goody Two Shoes is a beautifully animated spooky adventure about a young woman who dreams of becoming filthy rich in a hand-painted fairytale world.

In Little Goody Two Shoes you will follow the adventure of Elise, a rather abrasive young woman who lives on the outskirts of a charming fairytale village. She dreams of becoming rich and it seems that a pair of bewitched shiny red shoes may help her achieve that dream, but may also get her into a lot of trouble!

The Little Goody Two Shoes demo contains a big chunk of gameplay and follows the start of Elise’s adventure. It’s got an intriguing mixture of gameplay, including minigames, survival, RPG and dating sim elements.

It does have a few irritations (Elise is quite unlikeable at times and the dialogue feels very drawn out), but it’s a unique and visually stunning adventure. The art style is a fascinating blend of classic Disney and Anime, that makes for a very interesting setting that adds to the overall fairytale vibe of the game. The full game will have 10 different endings too, so there will be plenty of replayability and surely Elise will get her fortune in one of them!

Download The Little Goody Two Shoes Beta Demo Here (Steam)