Life on Earth: Reimagined – Beta Demo (SEGA Genesis)

Life on Earth: Reimagined is a brand new Sega Genesis side-scrolling shooter where a scientist attempts to eradicate a bacteria that could end the world.

In Life on Earth: Reimagined you are a (heavily endowed) scientist who is infected with a deadly extraterrestrial bacteria. You’re going to die, but before you do you need to destroy the only other sample of the bacteria so that it doesn’t cause a world-ending outbreak. You’re currently on the run though, so you’ll have to deal with the authorities along the way.

Life on Earth: Reimagined draws inspiration from 16-bit classics like Contra, Shinobi 3 and Rolling Thunder. The gameplay is pretty simple side-scrolling arcade action, but it offers a nice amount of challenge. You can jump between the bottom and top of the screen, there are different Contra-esque weapons to collect and you have a powerful melee attack that comes in handy for taking out tougher enemies.

It’s a fun slice of old school arcade action, and considering it runs on a machine that is over three decades old, the visuals are incredible. The cutscenes, backgrounds and the boss battle with a massive ED-209-esque mech are some of the most spectacular looking things to ever grace the humble SEGA Genesis. Highly recommended.

You Can Pre-Order Life on Earth: Reimagined Here

You’ll Need An Emulator to Play The Demo (RetroArch Works Well)

Check Out a Life on Earth: Reimagined Gameplay Video Here

Download The Life on Earth: Reimagined Beta Demo Here (SEGA Genesis)