Kill Knight – Beta Demo

Kill Knight is an intense twin-stick isometric action shooter where a desecrated corpse inside reanimated armor sets out to kill the last angel.

In Kill Knight you will use devastating weaponry to fight your way through five layers of eldritch voids. Each void is a shifting arena which sees hordes of eldritch monsters attempting to tear you limb-from-limb. Thankfully though you have an array of pistols, heavy weapons and swords to keep them at bay, while also racking up combos to earn a place on the global leaderboards.

It’s a very addictive game with lots of carnage, tons of style, a nice array of weaponry and fast-paced arcadey gameplay. A game that will really test your skill and reflexes as you rack-up a massive bodycount. Highly recommended.

Download The Kill Knight Beta Demo Here (Steam)