Darkest Abyss – Beta Demo

Darkest Abyss is a Castlevania inspired retro action platforming adventure where a half-vampire that’s turning into a zombie sets out to find a cure for her curse.

In Darkest Abyss you follow the adventure of Countess Lucy, a half-vampire demon who’s curse is entering its final stage – zombification. She sets out in search of the ancient evil behind her curse in order to break it, and a few companions will join her along the way.

The gameplay in Darkest Abyss is very much akin to the classic (non-metroidvania) Castlevania games, with you fighting your way through a castle filled with monsters and secrets. Your primary weapon is a sword, but you can also collect mana-based secondary weapons such as a bow, a voodoo doll and a spear. Also, in the full game you’ll be able to switch between different characters in your party to use their abilities as needed.

The Darkest Abyss demo takes around 20 minutes to play through and is a fantastic slice of retro classic-vania action. The movement, combat and visuals feel very Castlevania-esque and the level design is fair, but challenging and has plenty of secrets to discover. The bosses do seem a little bit easy at the moment, but they look incredible (especially the giant horse monster) and it’s only the first level, so you can expect things to get tougher in the full game. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Darkest Abyss Gameplay Video Here

Download The Darkest Abyss Beta Demo Here (Steam)