Technotopia – Open Beta

Technotopia is a card-based roguelike city-builder where you attempt to build a utopian metropolis that balances the power of four different factions.

In Technotopia you are tasked with using a deck of cards to build a vast metropolis made up of residential districts, skyscrapers, parks and highways. As you build you’ll also encounter different events which require you to make important decisions that will affect … Read More

Idle Colony – Open Beta

Idle Colony is a minimalistic idle game where you attempt to help a civilization of semi-intelligent creatures toss fruit into a giant wok.

In Idle Colony you will buy and upgrade houses, fruit trees, multipliers and lots of other things as you attempt to amass a ridiculous amount of fruit in a giant wok. You draw supply chains and your tireless little creatures follow them … Read More


ASTROSWARM is a Sci-Fi tower defense FPS where you attempt to stave off hordes of zombified astronauts while waiting for your ship to prep for launch.

In ASTROSWARM you are a lone astronaut who travels to different planets to gather resources. However, the planets are filled with zombie astronauts so you need to erect defenses to keep them away from your ship until launch. You … Read More