The Alters – Beta Demo

The Alters is a narrative-driven Sci-Fi survival adventure where you create alternate versions of yourself to build a crew that will help you escape an alien planet.

In The Alters your ship has crash-landed on an alien planet and you’re the only survivor. It’s a hostile place where even the rays of the sun can kill you, so you’ll need to be smart to survive … Read More

Monterona – Beta Demo

Monterona is a wholesome little diorama creation game where you build and decorate streets to create scenes from your grandmother’s stories.

In Monterona there’s no score or pressure but there is an objective – you read your Italian grandmother’s stories and try to recreate the scenes in them. As in Tiny Glade, you have a limited selection of tools that allow for a lot … Read More

ODDADA – Beta Demo

ODDADA is a delightfully odd music making game where you use a variety of toys and gadgets to craft your own little music tracks.

In ODDADA you will make music in a charmingly playful and very unconventional way. You drive a little toy train between a series of different little toys/gadgets, each of which you can play around with to create different tracks/samples that are … Read More

Tiny Glade – Beta Demo

Tiny Glade is a chilled out and wholesome little game where you doodle 3D castles in cozy forgotten meadows.

There are no real objectives in Tiny Glade – you simply mess around with the various building tools to create cozy little castles. The tools are very easy to use and allow for a very freeform and hassle-free approach to building. You can knock up a … Read More