KIBORG – Alpha Demo

KIBORG is an incredibly brutal third person roguelite beat ’em up set on a prison planet that’s been infected by alien nanobots.

In KIBORG you are the leader of a group of resistance fighters who are fighting back against alien nanobots that have infected a prison planet and effectively turned everyone there into a prisoner. Each mission you undertake in KIBORG will cost you a … Read More

Lake of Creatures – Beta Demo

Lake of Creatures is a fishing twin-stick shooter roguelite where you battle mutated monsters that have invaded your local lakes.

In Lake of Creatures you are one of the local fishermen who have been enlisted to fight back against the mutant aquatic life that’s invaded the town’s lakes. You’ll make your way through randomly generated lakes full of fish, hidden loot and monsters. You can … Read More

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt – Beta Sign Up

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt is a roguelite stealth survival horror game where you attempt to scavenge ambrosia from a monster-infested cornfield.

In Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt you are the appointed Warden of the cursed village of Luna Nova. During the night you are tasked with harvesting precious ambrosia from the cornfields. This ambrosia is the village’s only hope of salvation, but you’re not alone in … Read More

Angelstruck – Beta Demo

Angelstruck is a 2D roguelite twin-stick shooter where an Underworld angel attempts to blast their way up to the pearly gates.

In Angelstruck you take on the role of an Underworld angel who’s attempting to shoot their way into heaven. The game plays a lot like a vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up, but with an Abuse style control scheme and sees you blasting waves of … Read More