The Big Catch: Tacklebox – Prologue Download

The Big Catch: Tacklebox is a slick low poly 3D platforming adventure with a focus on tight expressive player movement as an acrobatic fisherman sets out to save a restaurant.

A standalone prologue to the upcoming The Big Catch game, Tacklebox is a classic N64 era inspired 3D platformer where a fisherman attempts to catch tasty ingredients for a struggling restaurant (called The Big Catch). … Read More

Fowl Damage – Beta Demo

Fowl Damage is a tricky puzzle platforming adventure where you’re an egg that can jump higher than it can survive falling from.

In Fowl Damage you are a little egg that’s trying to make its way through large mechanized factory. You can jump really high, which is handy for reaching high platforms, but it has one large drawback – you’re an egg so you are … Read More

Forgotlings – Beta Demo

Forgotlings is a beautifully animated cinematic action adventure set in a magical land where forgotten objects come to life.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Kickstarter, Forgotlings is a beautiful hand-drawn action platforming adventure in a magical realm where forgotten objects from the human world search for their purpose. The game features a semi-open world and full voice acting as a forgotling posing … Read More

Cato – Beta Demo

Cato is a delightfully creative puzzle platformer where you simultaneously control a cat and a slice of buttered toast, which can combine to form an anti-gravity cato.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was a game jam prototype, Cato is a puzzle platformer based on the buttered cat paradox (a cat always lands feet first and toast always falls buttered side down, … Read More

Contra Reforged – Prototype Download

Contra Reforged is a fan made Contra game that recreates the original arcade classic as a third person shooter.

The current build of Contra Reforged features one level that recreates the first level of the original Contra game. You run, jump and shoot your way through its 8-bit styled environment, blasting enemy soldiers, turrets and a large wall fortress.

It’s still early in development and … Read More