The Infernal Masquerade – Game Jam Build Download

The Infernal Masquerade is a horror themed twist on Minesweeper, where you need to figure out who the vampires are in a ballroom full of guests.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Halloween Ham 2022, The Infernal Masquerade is a PS1 styled spooky reimagining of Minesweeper. The rules of the game are pretty much the same as Minesweeper, but instead of detecting mines, … Read More

Creature Chorus – Game Jam Build Download

Creature Chorus is a delightful little musical adventure where you explore an island and befriend creatures to jam with around a bonfire.

Created for the exprmt48 game jam, in Creature Chorus you find yourself at a little camp you’ve set up on an idyllic looking island. All that’s missing are some friends! As you explore the island you discover various different creatures, such as snakes, … Read More

Shotgun Highway – Game Jam Build Download

Shotgun Highway is a fun little high-score chasing shooter where you speed along a vast looping highway and blast vehicles in your way.

Created for the Black and White Jam, Shotgun Highway is a simple, but fun little game where you speed along a highway shooting vehicles with your shotgun. You’ve been sent on a mission to infiltrate the “Highway Loop”. Everyone on it is … Read More

Overlapped – Game Jam Build Download

Overlapped is an inventive first person puzzle platformer where you have the ability to slowly phase the cubic levels between different realities.

Created for the Global Game Jam 2022, in Overlapped you can press the left or right mouse buttons to cause the line between two realities to shift. Your goal is to reach the exit in each level and to do so you need … Read More

WINTERS – Game Jam Build Download

WINTERS is a creepy little visual novel horror game where you are awakened by a mysterious woman after sheltering in an old cabin during a snowstorm.

Created for the Winter VN Jam 2021, in WINTERS you and your two friends were forced to shelter in an old cabin in the woods after being hit by a big snowstorm. After taking a nap, you awaken to … Read More