Duckside – Beta Sign Up

Beta sign ups are now live for Duckside – a multiplayer PvPvE survival game that plays like a blend of DayZ and Rust, but with ducks!

In Duckside you ain’t no chicken, but you are a duck. To be more specific, you’re a duck who can use weapons, harvest resources, craft equipment and build shelters. This will come in handy as you and your … Read More

Dr. Finklestein’s Marvelous Room – Beta Demo

Dr. Finklestein’s Marvelous Room is a bizarre and funny experimental game where the community gets to decide what gets put in a room to save the world.

In Dr. Finklestein’s Marvelous Room the Earth is in trouble – a massive cosmic entity that devours stars is headed straight for it. Thankfully though, all is not lost, an eccentric scientist called Dr. Finklestein has a plan. … Read More

Sketchy Individuals – Game Jam Build

Sketchy Individuals is a fun little police sketch artist puzzle game where witnesses describe criminals to you then you draw them and attempt to pick them out of a line-up.

Created for Shawcat’s 100k game jam, Sketchy Individuals is a lighthearted little puzzle game that puts you in the role of a police sketch artist. For each case a witness comes in and you ask … Read More