Carnival – Beta Demo

Carnival is a slow-burn narrative-driven point and click horror adventure where a narcoleptic journalist unravels the disturbing underbelly of 1940’s Venice.

Currently in development by Beyond Booleans (creator of Abscission), Carnival is a retro point and click horror adventure set during a time of great European upheaval in Venice. You take on the role of an English journalist who sets out to learn more … Read More

No Players Online – Beta Demo

No Players Online is back and is being turned into a full length game! This time allowing you to delve deeper into the horrifying mystery of an abandoned FPS on an old computer.

The original No Players Online was a horror FPS/ARG hybrid that played out within the confines of an old abandoned FPS. This time you get a whole computer desktop to play around … Read More

Lucid Lucia – Beta Demo

Lucid Lucia is a 2D puzzle platforming action adventure where you can leave your body and possess other people and creatures.

Currently in development by Tracy Rascal Studios (creators of Lasagne Boy), Lucid Lucia follows the story of a mysterious girl called Lucia who lives her life trapped in a cell in a research facility. One day someone appears to her in a dream and … Read More

Void Sols – Beta Demo

Void Sols is a very stylish top-down adventure that delivers a fully fledged soulslike experience with a minimalist Geometry Wars-esque aesthetic.

In Void Sols you are a prisoner who is locked up in a dark prison in a deep geometric gloom. Thankfully though a mysterious event occurs that allows you to escape your cell and fight your way out of prison and through a … Read More