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I was treated as a tree demon

I was treated as a tree demon

I was treated as a tree demon

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    I was treated as a tree demon
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    See the wind and rain
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    Bestcar read
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2022-01-22 23:02:08
Crossing the cultivation world, Xun Yang found himself and a spirit tree, becoming a cultivation community, but he was innocent as a tree demon the spirit tree absorbs the aura of heaven and earth, thrives and shares cultivation with him he practices spells himself and can share them with the spirit tree therefore, the most awesome cultivation combination in the cultivation world appeared The Legend of Xunyang and Lingshu begins here there is a big tree to enjoy the cool a fairy tree becomes supreme many years later, Hongmeng originated from the tree, which covered the whole cultivation world "I, Xun Yang, am the infrastructure at the bottom of the cultivation world!" "if you don't obey me, let you explode in situ!"

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