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Look straight at indescribable

Look straight at indescribable

Look straight at indescribable

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    Look straight at indescribable
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    Bubbles wandering in time and space
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    Apple novel
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2022-04-14 13:23:48
The jumper Zhou came to a different world. Here, relying on the support of a high-ranking leader of the gram system, human beings have developed a scientific and technological line that can compete with ordinary and extraordinary monsters then the painting style of the whole world becomes two or three terror monsters appear in the daily life of the city (slime, flesh and blood, devour, your weak sword can't hurt me!) the terror monster was destroyed by the human elite using modern technology (request the headquarters for fire attack, enemy type: biological unit; coordinates:...) modern technology is defeated in front of the real big men again... (your artillery fire will eventually be exhausted, while the mother's children will be endless!) remarks: due to many original ingredients and no system, in order to read and experience, The plot unfolds relatively slowly.

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