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Xianjun, lend me Rua your tail

Xianjun, lend me Rua your tail

Xianjun, lend me Rua your tail

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    Xianjun, lend me Rua your tail
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    Jealous Fox
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    Free Trial Novel
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2023-05-22 16:57:57
[sweet pet Meng Xiang relaxed sand sculpture] [Wannian ginseng fruit. Female leader x ancient beast white tiger. Male leader] "Xianjun, for the sake of our common life and death, can you... "? "" rub your tail for me? " as soon as you open your eyes, Shen Yao wears Wannian ginseng fruit, which is snatched by all major sects in Xianxia's article. Eating her can prolong her life, greatly increase her accomplishments, and reshape her spiritual roots... however, Shen Yu comes too late. Now the plot has progressed to the point that she is caught by the male master and will soon be eaten to the point where there is no beard left Shen Yao: "... Hold on, I can still survive!" decisively kick over this damn story and abduct the little white beast stolen by the man it's just... Shen Yao is a little confused. Why does she suddenly blush and nosebleed when she holds the sleeping little white beast all day the whole immortal cultivation world knows that Mr. Bai Zexian is dedicated to cultivating Taoism and doesn't ask about love more casual cultivation said that if Mr. Bai Zexian could get married, he would give the woman a hundred years of foot washing water until one day - they actually saw Bai Zexian holding the little girl in his arms with a reddish tip of his ears and coaxing in a low voice: "be fair and good, don't be angry, give you your tail." people were shocked: "??" the scattered pupil earthquake: "false, false, absolutely false!"

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