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The road of movie king from TV series

The road of movie king from TV series

The road of movie king from TV series

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    The road of movie king from TV series
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    Maybe it's a fake author
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2022-06-01 08:24:09
Yu Ye is a little actor in the 18th line. After three years of graduation, he only stares and has been playing tricks in major troupes accidentally broke the crew's valuable camera during a performance, and was hit by an "all-round interview system" when he was about to pay off his debt "Ding Dong! You have found a matching crew and 99% match with the host. Please seize the opportunity!" Zhenling, smile and fall in love with the city, Sansheng III Baili peach blossom, embroidered spring knife... with the help of the system, Yu Ye has become the hero of one hot drama after another, the top stream in the entertainment industry, and has accumulated popularity from the hot drama, Step forward to the film circle and become a film emperor step by step who says my acting skills are stiff? Yu Ye is a man who wants to be a movie emperor starting from 2014, actors are on the way to the top in the new traffic era.

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