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On the journey of the end of the world

On the journey of the end of the world

On the journey of the end of the world

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    On the journey of the end of the world
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    Green water lake
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2022-12-28 01:55:10
The autumn wind is bleak, the cold night is like a knife, the south of the Yangtze River is rich, coveted by Japanese pirates, the border affairs are in turmoil, and there is another bloody storm in the Jianghu. The evil cult was defeated in the battle with Japanese experts. From then on, it was depressed and its vitality was greatly damaged. Fortunately, the Qi family army was not afraid of hard work, loyal to the country and went to fight against Japanese invaders. However, the Mongolian Tartars also peeped and intended to return to the Central Plains. The Qi family army was ordered by the emperor to go north to resist the invasion of the Tartars. Chen Jingwei, a fisherman, was influenced by Qi Shaobao's resistance to the Japanese and practiced the family handed sword technique. Then Japanese ninjas revived and harassed the Jiangsu Zhejiang border. Wudang, Emei, Shaolin, Huashan and other factions widely distributed Wulin posts and invited heroes from all over the world to resist the Japanese. In several exchanges, Wudang and Huashan were defeated by Japanese Yamamoto taro and the mysterious organization magic fire palace, Chen Jingwei united with Feihu village's deadly golden dart ouyangchun and iron faced ruthless Wang Cheng on the hero list to overcome various difficulties and obstacles, finally kill taro Yamamoto and annihilate the residual forces of the magic fire temple. Later, Chen Jingwei closed his knife and disappeared, and the Jianghu also recovered its peace.

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