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Wind and cloud love and hatred record

Wind and cloud love and hatred record

Wind and cloud love and hatred record

Rating: 9 / 10 from 651 ratings
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    Wind and cloud love and hatred record
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    Xu Yishun
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2023-03-23 12:30:09
The Sitong escort agency of Huanglong mansion of the Liao Kingdom received a escort of 500000 liang of gold from Yelu Hongwen, the prince of the Liao Kingdom, and took it to Pingjiang mansion in the Central Plains How did you know that Xu Cen, the chief escort of Sitong escort agency, was killed on the way to detain the escort? The Lord led people to kill all the members of Sitong escort agency for the reason that it was unfavorable to detain the escort. Fortunately, Xu CE, the eldest son of the escort agency, protected his brother Xu Yishun and his sister Xiaoya when Xu Yishun, who escaped, came to the Central Plains with his sister, he learned that an organization called the beheading ghost gate intercepted and killed his father. In addition, Xu Yishun participated in the Central Plains Wulin conference and accidentally got the martial arts secret script "heaven and earth xuanhuang skill", which was unique on Xishan island. From then on, Xu Yishun embarked on the growth road of revenge.

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