#DRIVE Rally – Beta Demo

#DRIVE Rally is a stylish 90’s inspired arcade rally racing game where you speed through vibrant race tracks with a copilot who sounds a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The visual style and 90’s rallying of #DRIVE Rally is a little similar to Art of Rally, but it controls more like a traditional Colin McRae/V-Rally-esque rally racing game. The demo is pretty impressive, with … Read More

Dreamsweeper – Alpha Demo

Dreamsweeper is a lo-fi fusion of dungeon crawling and Minesweeper, where you navigate dream worlds filled with your anxieties.

In Dreamsweeper you go to sleep while listening to music each night and you conquer your anxieties in your dreams. These dreams contain boobytrap-filled dungeons that you need to navigate by using numbers to figure out where the traps are (as in Minesweeper). As … Read More

Shadows of the Afterland – Alpha Demo

Shadows of the Afterland is a Lucasarts inspired pixel art point and click adventure where a recently deceased woman attempts to figure out why she can remember the future.

In Shadows of the Afterland you follow the story of a woman who suffers from a mysterious death while at a zoo in 1960s Madrid. She has now arrived in the afterlife as a ghost, but … Read More

Athena Crisis – Alpha Demo

Athena Crisis is an Advance Wars inspired turn-based strategy game with easily accessible battles between warring armies.

Drawing inspiration from Into The Breach, Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, Athena Crisis is a pixel art turn-based tactics game playable in single-player or online multiplayer. The full game will feature various types of missions and over 40 different unit types spread across ground, sea and air.

The … Read More

While Waiting – Beta Demo

While Waiting is an odd little puzzle game that will test your patience as you discover different distractions while waiting in different situations.

Currently in development by Optillusion (creator of Moncage), While Waiting is a chilled out hand animated puzzle game that explores the art of waiting. The game places you in different situations, such as waiting for a lift or waiting for a … Read More