Abiotic Factor – Beta Demo

Abiotic Factor is a multiplayer survival horror crafting adventure with a sense of humor, set in a paranormal containment facility that’s had a containment failure.

Playable in single-player or with up to six players online, in Abiotic Factor you take on the role of a new recruit at an Australian paranormal containment facility. On your very first day the facility experiences a containment failure and all hell breaks loose. You now need to fight, craft and survive against the universe’s greatest threats.

The lack of inventory space means it’s especially hard in single-player, but if you team up with some buddies then it’s a lot of fun. The whole thing has a tongue-in-cheek Half-Life vibe and there’s lots to discover and plenty of things to craft. It all makes for a very entertaining and fresh take on the survival genre. Highly recommended.

Download The Abiotic Factor Beta Demo Here (Steam)