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There is room for the crown prince s heart

There is room for the crown prince s heart

There is room for the crown prince s heart

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1949 ratings
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    There is room for the crown prince s heart
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    Sad solitary bird
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    Day Books
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2021-12-07 07:36:46
Song Xiaoxi was brought back to the East Palace by Xiao QingHan from Hao county. She was determined to be a salted fish, but the system disturbed her pace of life in order to obtain rewards in the space, she constantly completes tasks to meet palace fights and protect herself. At the same time, she also adds help to Xiao QingHan... Xiao QingHan: "you'd better be my daughter-in-law with you all the way" Song Xiaoxi: "No. I don't want to match the concubines in your harem with sisters!" Xiao QingHan: "then dismiss them all! My body and mind belong to you from beginning to end!" herring: "madam, your highness is deeply in love with you, and you agree!" Xiao Mingchen: "no, Xiaoxi only belongs to me!" Xiao QingHan: "you smelly child! If you quarrel again, I'll send you to the frontier!" Xiao Mingchen: "Xiaoxi, save me!" Song Xiaoxi: "it's all right, I'll go to the frontier with you!" Xiao Mingchen: "daughter-in-law, don't, what you say is what you say, I'll listen to you..." 1v1 sand carving happy, sweet pet overhead brain hole logic pursuers enter carefully

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