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Almighty boss, she is a strict husband

Almighty boss, she is a strict husband

Almighty boss, she is a strict husband

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    Almighty boss, she is a strict husband
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2022-09-23 00:15:43
Cold outside and sprouting inside, sticky Man vs delicate and picky rake ear woman seventeen years ago, guishepherd's purse was a genius cultivated by himself seventeen years later, I will return if you owe money and you owe your life, fill it in with your life just in the process of revenge, how did xiaodouding and today's handsome young people stick to her in line with the principle that everything good-looking should be taken care of carefully, GUI shepherd's purse has one principle for the handsome force: pet! Crazy pet! Fancy Pet she can be spoiled. GUI shepherd's purse feels that she can't control it under the temptation of beauty Zhan Boyan ran away after chatting and let GUI shepherd's purse tangle but suddenly found that the result of the tangle of shepherd's purse is to find other forests Zhan Boyan: "!!" "is the bar fun?" "does the idol really smell good?" "do others look good like me?" GUI shepherd's purse was forced to shiver in the corner of the wall: "no wave, no wave, the bar is not easy to play, the handsome boy is not good-looking, the idol is not fragrant, and others are not as good-looking as you." a generation of ancestors were forced to look at the women's ring, which was really too suffocating (GAN) bent (heart). 1v1 Shuangjie dotes on each other. Female Qiang slaps multiple identities

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