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Style eyebrow

Style eyebrow

Style eyebrow

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    Style eyebrow
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    Long song sacrifice
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    Cool Novel
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2022-09-23 00:00:29
The seventh son of emperor Dayan is the most elegant gentleman and the only daughter of the Li family. She is also a weak beauty. It is a good story to marry Qin and Jin it is said that the seven kings of Xiang and the princess raised their eyebrows. They have a deep love for each other. They are the most suitable talents and beauties who knows, under the eyebrow, it's just a show. She used to be her Ruyi Lang, and he also had his last resort. This eyebrow is just eyebrow (in front of the person) a woman: "my prince has both talent and appearance, and men all over the world are not as good as him!" "but he was born in the royal family? The prince cherishes all the people and was born in the royal family. It is lucky for the people." "the prince has both virtue and talent and is known all over the world. Therefore, you have been ignorant here?" (behind the person) a woman: "The prince knows why he married you. Why bother? The newly accepted lady is as beautiful as a flower and the most gentle. The prince doesn't have to waste time with me." people: "the seven kings of Xiang and the princess are really a pair of talented women and beauties who raise their eyebrows at the table. It's a natural match!" Murong Jin: "

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