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Green bamboo flying Fairy

Green bamboo flying Fairy

Green bamboo flying Fairy

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    Green bamboo flying Fairy
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    Wan Qian dream
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    Qidian International
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2021-10-24 20:45:15
(there is no CP in this article, and the female owner focuses on her career for thousands of years.) Ruan Qingzhu, who wears the game system to the heaven and earth mainland, as a water system single Linggen and has system minor skills, is still left with no residue by a lot of Tianjiao seconds in that era of stars competing for glory on the day of the successful conclusion of the pill for a hundred years, the unexpectedly obtained fairy house was strangely integrated with the system, resulting in her dead fetus. After tens of thousands of years, the whole continent was beyond recognition once the spirit root of the five mixed elements was reduced to the bottom because of the increasing lack of aura? On the contrary, the single root with insufficient attack power and incompetent minor has become an excellent qualification. Which Tianjiao was not the power of some minor? Nowadays, with the extinction of many spiritual species and animals, it is difficult to cultivate minor skills, and the four art masters are sought after after understanding all this, green bamboo, as a mutated ice spirit root, looks at his mutated fairy house and just wants to roar up to the sky - this is the right way for people who pass through to open the script!

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