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Don t be a fairy

Don t be a fairy

Don t be a fairy

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    Don t be a fairy
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    Drink two or three Liang
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    Free Novel
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2021-11-25 17:09:18
Thousands of friars in the world died in the war. Since then, mortals would rather die than cultivate truth. However, the war continues and the cultivation of truth continues Shifu said that I had the best luck to become immortal and get the Tao, but my character was short of destiny. So he granted me a cultivation and asked me to go down the mountain for experience. Before going down the mountain, he made an appointment with me. You can't take weapons, kill animals or use force. He didn't expect to break the three chapters soon after going down the mountain however, it's OK to find a beautiful person to accompany. What fairies do you want.

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