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My fairy man simulator

My fairy man simulator

My fairy man simulator

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    My fairy man simulator
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    A fish on the river
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    Qidian International
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2021-10-19 23:49:11
They say that life can't come back, but my life has countless times GU Han passed through a strange world. Unexpectedly, he was in the army dare to die camp and would fight on the battlefield in a few days How can you live? Only self-help GU Han started a life by relying on an immortal Xia simulator the lower Wuxian world, the middle starry world, the higher immortal universe, the earth fairy world, the great world of the flood and famine... in a period of life, we have gone through thousands of dangers and hardships, braved the wind and waves and cut through thorns and thorns until finally, when I look back, I find that the myriad boundaries of the heavens are already three inches in the palm of his hand.