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Miss, she is beautiful and SA

Miss, she is beautiful and SA

Miss, she is beautiful and SA

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    Miss, she is beautiful and SA
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    Si Cheng Cheng
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    Qidian International
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2021-10-15 08:06:17
He was brainwashed by scum men and cheap women in his previous life, and finally ended up with family destruction and death when she comes back from rebirth, Joe kicks slag men and tears cheap women. She also wants to let slag people taste what life is better than death Mrs. Qiao, "my Qiqi is weak and timid. Don't scare her." the scum interrupted by Qiqi, "??" who scared who dad Qiao, "my family Qiqi doesn't have any skills, so we can only go home and inherit the inheritance in the future." leaders from all walks of life, "??" really don't have the skills of "one", and aunt Qiqi is not good at it * when he returned to high school, Qiao Qiqi had been waiting for Gu Shili to transfer to No. 1 middle school. In his previous life, he helped her fulfill her last wish. In this life, she must repay his kindness in his previous life GU Shili was brought home by his family in advance. On the first day he came to school, he saw a fight against Europe outside the school. To be exact, a beautiful girl was beating each other unilaterally Qiao Qiqi kicked the last slag to the ground and stepped on each other's face. His white face was beautiful and rustling raise your head and look at a pair of 'panic' black eyes Qiao Qiqi, "??" GU Shili, "..." "well... Now I tell you I'm playing with them. Can you believe it?" scum people, "..." [the new book "one child, three treasures: paranoid boss is a sticky spirit" has begun to be pre collected, which is also a rebirth of Mengbao revenge shuangwen. Babies can collect it first. Thank you.]

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