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I really don t want to be a big star

I really don t want to be a big star

I really don t want to be a big star

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    I really don t want to be a big star
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    Invincible small meat
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    Free Novel
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2022-01-15 00:05:47
Through the parallel world of lack of classics, he suffers from brain tumor and his life is coming to the end. However, the stingy system can only meet him pitifully every time he completes his task. He is only alive temporarily... Kyoto bird's Nest stadium at the moment, there are many people here. The roar of the sound and the hysterical cry of the crowd resound through the scene... tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of fans are crazy under the stage men shout "husband" and women shout "I love you". Everyone is red in the face and the green tendons on their necks are obvious and on the stage looking at the fans who are shouting slogans very hard, Zhang Yuan, who is called the public husband, is very speechless "I really regret it. At the beginning, my mouth was cheap and I had to live up to the stage name of 'husband'. Now, men, women, young and old all over the world call me 'husband!' " again, I really don't want to be a big star ~ "

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