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Space peasant woman: Pastoral pet

Space peasant woman: Pastoral pet

Space peasant woman: Pastoral pet

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    Space peasant woman: Pastoral pet
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    Wei invisible
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-09-23 07:35:43
[space + farming and business + family length + double cleanliness] once through, Cheng Baoyu became a peasant girl how sensitive are martial arts practitioners to sound? Feng Linyuan immediately caught Cheng Baoyu's footsteps turn around, take her hand, sit in front of the dressing mirror, hold a wooden comb and comb her hair move gently and slowly. From time to time, look up at Cheng Baoyu in the bronze mirror I combed my hair and said slowly, "my mother told me that if I met a woman I liked, I would allow her to have two people all her life. at that time, when I was young, I asked her why? My father and emperor also had many mothers and concubines, and many people had three wives and four concubines." "She said that it is because of this that she wants her children to be different, because every man with three wives and four concubines. it is a kind of disappoint to women. If you really love someone, you are unique. you want to give all your love to the same person, smile to her, allow her peace, and allow no sharing." "She said, it doesn't matter if you're young and don't understand. It doesn't matter if you don't do this when you grow up. Everyone has their own ideas." Feng Linyuan told Cheng Baoyu about the past while combing Cheng Baoyu's hair and simply holding it up with a jade hairpin. "At that time, I really didn't understand. Now, I understand that I feel this way about you, and I just want to do this to you, and there is no room for others."

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